Smrutha Dhvani

Aikya - Retiring Musical Artists Pension 

Global Adjustments Pvt Ltd., a relocation and cross-cultural services company and Sarada Foundations, have initiated, 'SmruthaDhvani – Music Reborn’, a fund to support retiring artistes in Chennai. This noble initiative aims to raise funds for retiring accompanying artistes of the classical music and dance fraternity in the city.

Chennai, often referred to as the cultural capital of the country, annually plays host to the Music and Dance festival in the month of December, that is now simply called, ‘The December Season.’ What was originally begun by the Music Academy in 1927 as the celebration of its anniversary, soon caught the imagination of other sabhas and today, it is believed that the festival hosts nearly 2,000 artistes, who take part in over 300 concerts held in a span of just 30 days in Chennai.

Over the years, this rich tapestry of Indian classical dance and music is harmoniously woven by the abounding talent of an eclectic mix of performers and their collective passion. Unfortunately, not much thought has gone into the future of some of India’s best performers, especially first generation artistes who are no longer performing, and have no definitive means of support during their years of retirement.

To honour and encourage the once-recognised musicians and performers, Global Adjustments and Sarada Foundations have come together for “SmruthaDhvani” (Smrutha means “to remember”, while Dhvani means, “sound”). Through various cultural events in the city, SmruthaDhvani hopes to raise enough funds to be able to build a tangible future for classical artistes.This fund has been created to dispense monthly pensions to retired musical accompanying artists, who have nothing to fall back upon. Every year a musical concert is conducted with senior and leading musicians from all over the country. The proceeds of this concert are capitalized in investments, and their interest is used every month to pay the artists. Each year 2 artists are added and there are currently 15 artists who are benefitting from this fund

We have always ridden on the shoulders of Indian culture and through this endeavour, we hope to be able to give back to Indian culture and to the artistes fraternity,” says RanjiniManian, CEO, Global Adjustments.

Usha Sridhar of Sarada Foundations adds, “SmruthaDhvani is an effort to repay the great artistes who have immensely contributed to the richness of Indian art and its culture. It will work towards making the stars of yesteryears twinkle once again.

Aikya – Education Program

In the world's second largest country- India, almost sixty percent of Indian women are still illiterate. Most of them have never been to a school. They do not have the opportunity to acquire education, and even if they do enrol, chances are that the poorest and the most disadvantaged among them drop out before the 8th grade. Combating these high drop-out rates and the lack of educational opportunities is a hurdle in the path of building a healthy nation. The economic and social benefits of women’s education are well known and it has been amply demonstrated that education can indeed become a powerful tool in women’s struggle for equality and empowerment.


Aikya is a series of charity concerts which supports education of girls who are first generation learners. These bright young girls are from families of poor economic background. These concerts create awareness in the society and lay emphasis on the need to help such young women who have performed extremely well in their school education and are faced with a challenge of not continuing their professional education of engineering and medical streams as they lack in financial assistance from their own families. Aikya education program helps such young and bright women thereby building a society of empowered women, from all walks of life.

By donating to Aikya this year you will support the advancement of young women.

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