Previous Projects

1.Covid Programs of Sarada Foundations

a. Dry rations given to a Driver Sangam at Chennai

Dry rations of


Oil  - 1kg

Dhal- 1kg

Were distributed to 50 families of auto, taxi and car drivers who were unemployed during the Covid first wave in April and may.

b. PPE Kits to frontline workers

PPE kits were distributed to frontline workers at hospitals through Bhoomika Trust who, where doing this on a continuous basis.

c. Covid Vaccination Drive

In March 2021 after the opening up of vaccination for Senior Citizens, we arranged to assist Senior Citizens from going to vaccination centres for both vaccinations. Special transport was arranged and a team from an Eldercare startup – Helpee , physically assisted the Elders , by supporting them to the Centres and then dropping them back.

We were able to help with the vaccination of 80 seniors

d. Food Delivery for Home Quarantined Covid patients

In May and June Sarada Foundations has been serving hot nourishing lunch to any Home quarantined Covid family that requested it .We had an arrangement with a Home caterer – Amitabhojanam, who provided very homely but well balanced diet food. It was delivered by our delivery team from Helpee on two wheelers and during the lockdown in taxis 

We were able to serve 1500 lunches

2. Project Shakti

It’s the dream of every teenage girl to be healthy and carefree. This can be achieved by showing them the importance of


At a young age if we can inculcate the right ideas and habits, these will become the most important life lessons that a girl learns.

The idea behind this project is that economically backward girls start their menstrual cycle very late because their general state of health is very poor. At the age when they have to be in a good physical condition, they are anaemic, due to lack of good and nutritious food. Most of them have never had vitamins or supplements to bolster their health. They are completely unprepared for the onset of menarche. They have poor menstrual hygiene due to non-affordability and other misconceptions about sanitary pads. They use cloth and other products as substitutes. These are not washed properly due to paucity of water or not dried because of the secrecy surrounding the menstrual period. Vaginitis and urinary tract infections are twice as prevalent among them.

The Interface endeavours to pick girls from 4 schools between the ages of 11 and 16 and habituate them for a year:

  • Teach them good nutrition habits–giving them an energy bar, consisting of natural iron and calcium
  • Show them how to stay healthy – giving them multi vitamins on school working days
  • Tell them the importance of hygiene – giving them a pack of sanitary napkins with a panty every month
  • Impart self-confidence by-  giving them lessons in safe touch, self-defence and menstrual hygiene

The impact of the project will be showcased by showing the improvement in health in the first 3 months. This reporting will be shared with our Donors.

We will be helped in this project by 2 partners


YRG GaitondeTrust (

on the field for disbursing, monitoring and reporting back. They have been our partners for many years now

Unfortunately this project could be carried out only for two months due to the pandemic

3. Indian Talent League

At a recent finishing school workshop for underprivileged college students in the final year, the feedback received was, that, they lacked the confidence, to face interviews, and partake in group discussions, though they had the knowledge and competence - only because they lacked communication skills and

We will be helped in this project by 2 partners


YRG GaitondeTrust (

on the field for disbursing, monitoring and reporting back. They have been our partners for many years now.

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