The Interface

We are dedicated Social Investment Managers. Our purpose is to help you redefine your reach. We identify social causes that need your support, profile them for you, help you build a portfolio, offer easy ways to give and track your investment all the way through. We ensure that your support makes a measurable difference to the socially and economically deprived.

The Interface is a pioneering endeavor to serve the need for social investment management. Launched in 2006,The Interface supports amongst other categories initiatives in education, health, environment and women’s empowerment.



We have categorized the market into

ISR - Individual Social Responsibility – this category consists of high networth individuals, regular taxpayers, and will of individuals

GSR - Group Social Responsibility – this category consists of alumni groups, corporate employee groups, Family trusts, survey respondents, gated communities

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility – this category consists of Corporates/Trusts, MNC’s and SME’s

We have in the past facilitated ISR for many individuals, GSR for Reading Tamils- a group in UK, and a couple of Alumni groups and among our CSR donors are HSBC, Grundfos and Global Adjustments


We have a tested reporting system to monitor the progress of the activity and report back to the donor. Apart from the systems that we have in place, the reporting can be customized to suit the donor as well.

Criteria for Partner Selection

A thorough due diligence is done to select NGO’s. Small NGO’s who have no fundraising capabilities, but who are doing very good work are carefully picked

  •  Promoters / Sponsors of the NGO
  •  Activity record/Activity range
  •  Donors(Funds raising record)
  •  Financials
  •  Monitoring of activities
  •  Documentation and computer friendliness

Our partners​

  •  Education - Sankalp, Akshaya Trust, DGSEA, Raja KSP Ganesan Trust
  •  Elders - Akshaya Trust, DGSEA , Alzheimers Society of India, RSEEDS
  •  Feeding - YRG Gaitonde Foundation, Akshaya Trust
  •  Health - Ekam Foundation, CHILD, Friends for Needy
  •  Womens Causes - ANEW, Thandalam Yogashema Trust, PCVC, Thiyagam, Womens Trust
  •  Challenged - Snegithan, DOAST, Sai Vocational Development & Education Centre
  •  Environment - Paperman, Goonj