The Interface

We are dedicated Social Investment Managers. Our purpose is to help you redefine your reach. We identify social causes that need your support, profile them for you, help you build a portfolio, offer easy ways to give and track your investment all the way through. We ensure that your support makes a measurable difference to the socially and economically deprived.

The Interface is a pioneering endeavor to serve the need for social investment management. Launched in 2006,The Interface supports amongst other categories initiatives in education, health, environment and women’s empowerment.

Sarada Foundations manages individual donors(ISR- Individual Social Responsibility) who want to ‘give’ - reach the actual beneficiary , by acting as the facilitator – disbursing the monies to the right NGO(on whom a due diligence is made) , monitoring the progress of the activity and giving feedback to the donor

We also work on the model of managing as funds, GSR and CSR of different groups and Corporates. Each of these funds will be operated as a separate project, managed and accounted for separately. There will be a separate Advisory Board who will monitor each of these funds. However each of these funds will enjoy the privileges of the tax exemptions that apply to the Foundation at large.

The Foundation has the registration deed, 12AA, 80G, FCRA, PAN and TAN in place.


Aashraya- ElderCare

Based on a pilot study , we at The Interface decided to focus on one area of operation rather than spreading thin

From April 2022 we have turned our focus area to helping Underpriveleged Elders

We are partnering with Sethu Foundation- our activity partner, to help us work on the ground. We have categorised our activities into

a) Aids and Accessories

b) Medical Support 

c) Companion Support

Aids and Accessories

We will collate all the aids and accessory requirements from Old Age Age Homes and Elderly Communities and list them, for Donors to choose aids they would like to support. These would include adult diapers, hearing aids, glasses, walkers etc

Medical Support

These include support services that our volunteers and staff will provide to the elderly like strength training, yoga, massage, physiotherapy, medicine organisation, pedicure etc

Companion Support

These include activities that require a companion to accompany the elder- to a hospital, temple, bank or any other outing, helping with bank activities- pension, transfers etc, helping with other digital activities

All these are listed for a Donor to pick and support. 

The activities can also be bunched together for an occasion based on a budget.




We have categorized the market into

ISR - Individual Social Responsibility – this category consists of high networth individuals, regular taxpayers, and will of individuals

GSR - Group Social Responsibility – this category consists of alumni groups, corporate employee groups, Family trusts, survey respondents, gated communities

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility – this category consists of Corporates/Trusts, MNC’s and SME’s

We have in the past facilitated ISR for many individuals, GSR for Reading Tamils- a group in UK, and a couple of Alumni groups and among our CSR donors are HSBC, Grundfos and Global Adjustments


We have a tested reporting system to monitor the progress of the activity and report back to the donor. Apart from the systems that we have in place, the reporting can be customized to suit the donor as well.