Why do senior citizens get into depression?

Author - Chithra Viswanathan

Strictly my personal pondering.

You are welcome to disagree !

Disclaimer - my young friends may feel bored to read this, but remember,

Today's young friends are future senior / super senior citizens!

Medical conditions can cause depression in older adults, now renamed senior citizens. It's important to be aware whether they occur directly or as a psychological reaction to the life style condition.

If direct, this can be corrected medically.

But when it is a psychological reaction to an illness which is painful or interfering with your daily activity, call it disabling, it is not easy to come out of it. It is a slow process of recovery, though definite.

I am not talking here about the depression caused by loss of social support systems due to the death of a spouse or siblings.

But, relocation of residence is very important .

Even a seemingly simple thing like getting used to a new bedroom or toilet ( don't think it is silly ), since arthritic patients will realise the importance - for example a bath stool with handles on either side or a toilet rail, since toilets (need be sturdy but light)vary in their heights.

This causes severe back pain.

How I wish these two were light but sturdy and definitely portable.

In our country such gadgets are increasingly marketed due to increase in longevity.

It would be a boon to be able to buy them at affordable prices.

But prices are high and we need to do a lot of market research to find products which fit our purse.

Tackling sleeplessness -a change of bedroom does take time for one to start feeling comfortable -though this is true for youngsters too.

Besides the height of the bed, bed rails to prevent a fall, a walker if you want to feel more confident when you wake up - are all good ideas.

I keep a walker by my bed side to feel more confident when I get out of bed, to balance myself.

A few hard facts which inevitably occur and we have to accept as we grow old:

Hearing loss:

Aids fixed at the earliest.

Dentures, the less said about or discussed, the better!

Once all teeth are removed, there is a waiting, rather healing period of 4 weeks after which only dentures are fixed.

Modern technology is changing it, I am informed.

That period as well as the period of adjustment to the dentures are really "testing periods" !

Needs patience and definitely practice!

Not having eaten a sumptuous meal, however simple, can be a major depressant.

This is an undeniable fact.

Last but not least, one prop for our mobility!

Walking stick, ofcourse.

For many senior citizens, balance problem arises and the walking stick provides the additional support to required mobility and independence.

Once I started using my walking stick, I feel more confident about my mobility.

Well, not easy for us, grandparents, to look loving, caring, graceful et al, with all these props "on us" till we get used to them 

Yesterday my young great grand daughter was guiding me to climb up the stairs repeating - slowly, now right leg, once done, slowly left leg next....!

I loved, that now my little grand daughter is already becoming my mother / teacher 

Life comes a full cycle over time.

Or, is history repeating itself ?

Now that super-senior status is becoming more prevalent, what I have written here may be just a primer!

I am already dreading, friends