Peace of Mind

Author - Chithra Viswanathan

This is a beautiful thing in life which only you can gift yourself!

Training our mind is the first step.
We have to retrain our minds to process life as it is, rather than trying to achieve, how you think it should be.
It is a slow process.

We have to change opinions very often ingrained in us over years.
We must make an effort to remove old mental barriers and try to build new”structures”.
Very often, you realise that you are happy with this change.

Do not expect others, specially those around you like spouse, children etc to change to how you want them to be. It is never going to happen.
Accept them as they are.Over time, this listening to your heart rewards you with less anxious moments, more peace.

Peace of mind is not something which you search for and find.
It is within yourself.

Some activities that you do, occupy your mind intensely.
Some love listening to music.
Some love garden activities.

For me, when I go for a walk, I just look at the sky, the broad expanse that my mind becomes light and feeling refreshed, get peace of mind.

Once back home, the mundane worries start, but the calm that you experienced with any such activity as mentioned above, makes you feel relaxed and composed.

Peace of mind is the acceptance of your good and right intention to do the right thing. Know that you will do what you need to do.
Believe in your goodness and your power to do it.

Often, we get strange peace of mind after forgiving a person, for whatever the reason be, because a big weight is off your mind. This is not easy, but training and determination do help us very much.

Learn to be at peace with your inner battles. It is better to be peaceful than being right!

Try to avoid getting into arguments, choose to walk away.
Maturity is learning to move away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values and morals.

Do this to give yourself peace. Do not think of it as a sign of weakness, but as your internal battle which you won.

You find peace only when you start listening to your heart.

Peace is achieved by understanding.

Tell yourself

I do good
I intend good
I am good.