After Covid

The world has become a different place in the last two years. We have faced food shortage and water shortage in the past. Who would have thought we would scramble even for oxygen ….

But now that we are in the midst of it, we need to accept the new reality, find solutions and keep running with what is available. The havoc wrought by the pandemic is multifold. Losing loved ones and losing jobs and incomes are definitely top pf the list.

Sarada Foundations, will in a small way, help in the process of rehabilitation of such families.


To rehabilitate families who have lost their breadwinner- by helping one other family member to get employed and restore financial stability.


  • Applications from families, will be uploaded on our site at
  • Authenticity and verification checks will be carried out based on details will be gathered.
  • One person from the family will be nominated for this purpose –based on qualification and skill sets already available with them. That person will be upskilled or/and an employment found to support the family. Preference will be given to the spouse if possible. The three avenues offered will be
    a. Enhanced Skilling
    b. Vocational training
    c. Better employment
  • The rehabilitation, will be carried out until the family is able to sustain itself on that person’s income.
  • If Counselling and mentorship will be helpful, they will be provided.
  • Rehabilitation support will be the main criteria, but financial support will be provided on a case to case basis to sustain the family till stability is restored. Alternate ways of income to others or all will be suggested and helped with, during the time of rehabilitation.


  • A team will be formed to identify potential families and a due diligence will be carried out.
  • A form will be made for them to fill out all the details of the proposed rehab candidate, and an alternate- based on which the team will take a call for rehabilitation for short term and long term sustenance.
  • The team will identify different avenues for rehabilitation and the optimal solution will be offered to the candidate.
  • If the process involves a financial allocation, the Trust will look for donations exclusively for this purpose

To donate for

  • Education of children of these families – click here
  • Vocational training of children of these families – click here
  • Counselling of children of these families – click here
  • Monthly groceries for these families – click here